Owensboro Therapy on Highway 54

3245 Mount Moriah Ave, Suite 4
Owensboro, KY 42303


Owensboro Therapy on Highway 54


3245 Mount Moriah Ave, Suite 4
Owensboro, KY 42303 270-240-4682

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Owensboro Physical Therapy

At Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Owensboro (OSMO) in western Kentucky, our highly experienced physical therapists and physical therapy assistants go above and beyond the normal standards of care to ensure that you get the care you deserve.

We realize that you and your injury are unique. No two people are affected in the same way by a similar injury or condition. That’s why we develop highly individualized treatment plans for each patient. In addition, you will receive one-on-one treatment from our qualified physical therapy team.

All of our physical therapists have advanced degrees and are licensed by the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy, so you can be assured you are receiving the highest level of care possible. Our exceptionally well-credentialed professionals practice evidence-based medicine and utilize the latest research and technology to help you achieve maximum function and pain relief.

We excel at returning patients back to work, sports, or an active lifestyle by treating the cause and not just the symptoms. Our physical therapists focus treatments on the body as a whole – not as a single joint – in order to decrease pain, increase strength, restore motion and reduce the risk of future injury. Treatments may include biomechanical assessment, exercise, hands-on manual therapy techniques, and therapeutic modalities.

For athletes, we use an approach that is focused on total body, functional movement patterns that have recently become mainstream in professional athletics, including the NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS.

For quality physical therapy in Owensboro, call us at (270) 926-2131, or request an appointment online.