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Jeana J. Lee, M.D.

Knee, Shoulder, Cartilage Restoration, Regenerative Therapies

I originally chose to be an Orthopaedic Surgeon because I liked sports. During my 12 years at the University of Michigan, the Orthopaedic Department covered all the school’s athletic teams. My training emphasized treatment of the elite athlete, especially arthroscopic procedures such as rotator cuff repairs and knee reconstructive surgery.

I have a holistic approach to treating my patients and am particularly interested in cartilage restoration and regenerative therapies. I replace a lot of knees and shoulders, but it’s even better if I can help you prevent ever needing a joint replacement in the first place. I don’t just want to fix what’s broken. My aim is to keep you well.

Hopefully, you don’t ever require a joint replacement, but if you do, I’ve been the 1st orthopedic surgeon in Evansville to perform outpatient total knee and total shoulder replacements. This allows patients to have surgery and recover comfortably in your own home later that same day.

I’ve also been the 1st (possibly still the only) orthopedic surgeon in the area to offer treatments previously available only to high paid athletes –  bone marrow stem cells therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma). I’m willing to explore new and innovative therapies if these treatments are ones I would personally seek for myself, and if they have the potential to improve patients’ lives.

In addition to my medical commitments, I enjoy traveling, reading, hot yoga and bourbon. I still occasionally hit tennis balls. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have in the near future to enjoy these hobbies as I will be busy studying for my MBA from the Kelley School of Business (Class of 2021).

“With the assistance of the rehabilitation staff and to Dr. Lee’s surgical brilliance and wise advise, I am now stronger than ever. ”

Chris S.

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