Jeana Lee General Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Jeana Lee General Orthopaedics Joint Replacement

Jeana J. Lee, M.D.

General Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

I chose medicine as my career because I truly enjoy helping people and am fortunate to have the capabilities to do so. I decided to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon during my school rotations. At the time, I met Dr. Larry Matthews, the chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He became my friend and mentor, and he greatly influenced my decision to become an orthopaedic surgeon. As it so happens, Dr. Matthews was born and raised in Boonville, Indiana! It is very gratifying whenever I can help a patient who can barely walk and is in a wheelchair become able to walk comfortably just a few weeks after surgery. That is a wonderful experience.

My philosophy of treatment and care is based on communication. I promise to try to answer your questions and concerns in a way you can understand. Both you and I will be directly involved in the implementation of treatment plan that best serves your needs. I know I have the opportunity to make a significant difference in your life. I plan on doing just that.

In addition to my extensive medical commitments, I spend a great deal of my "free time" shuttling my son and daughter to their various activities. I am an avid fitness enthusiast and enjoy playing tennis. I am also involved with several local community organizations.

“I am now able to walk without pain and I walk 1 mile to a 1 1/2 mile daily. I can work in my yard and go shopping like a normal person. ”

Tahani B.

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