Telemedicine Available for Patients

Updated 3/24/20

During the COVID -19 pandemic, Tri-State Orthopaedics has implemented a Telemedicine option for patients that are at risk and/or would rather stay at home.  Telemedicine is a video and audio visit that allows patients to connect with a provider from mobile device, tablet, or computer, connected to Wi-Fi.  Telemedicine visits allow our providers to interview and complete a provider guided exam to increase accessible care options for patients and provide a way for our providers to interact with our patients during this difficult time.

At this time the Telemedicine option is only available for follow-up patients.  To schedule or change your appointment to a Telemedicine visit please call our office – 812-477-1558.

Steps for use:

      1. Use a computer or device with camera and microphone. – PC/MAC, Android(chrome), IOS (Safari)
      2. Enter your clinician’s web address that was sent in your email/text invite.
      3. Type your name and click check in – site is secure, no software download, HIPAA compliant, & no registration needed
      4. Allow your browser to use your webcam and microphone – This step is very important!


View a video regarding our telemedicine: