Suzi W.

Off the bleachers I did fall,
I’ve had a few strains and sprains.
But this time I knew it was broken,
So I went to see Doctor Daines.

I talked to him and explained–
“I’m not one who usually complains,
But I seem to have a problem here,
Can you help me, Doctor Daines?

After examining my x-rays,
He used his God given brain,
He said he thought he could fix it–
The remarkable Doctor Daines.

My ankle was swollen so we wait,
Until he ascertains-
That it is time for surgery,
The unshakable Doctor Daines.

Three bones had been broken,
And with all my aches and pains,
I was afraid he couldn’t deliver,
The confident Doctor Daines.
But he fixed my trimalleolar fracture,
Now I don’t even use a cane,
Now I walk with hardly a limp,
Thanks to the talented Doctor Daines.

It still gets a little swollen,
I can feel it when it rains,
But most of that will subside–
Says the hopeful Doctor Daines.

I’m feeling so much better now.
And the one thing that remains–
Is the appreciation that I have,
For the amazing Doctor Daines.

And thanks for your help, doctor Tidwell-
I want you to know that you did well. ( And I thank you)

And to all who helped me through–
I want to thank every one of you.


"I'm feeling so much better now. And the one thing that remains-- is the appreciation that I have, for the amazing Doctor Daines."
-Suzi W.