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Andrew T. Saltzman, M.D.

Sports Medicine / Arthroscopy / Joint Replacement

As a former collegiate swimmer, I know how much it means to participate in a sport in peak condition. I also know that a single injury can mean the end of an entire season or possibly the end of a career. Today, my passion for sports continues through my work with athletes and all people who want to return to what they love. As your physician, it is my goal to use all that I have learned to help you recover from injury as quickly as possible.

My philosophy is simple. I will listen to you and take the time to make sure you fully understand your situation and all treatment options available. I realize that my responsibility is to you and to your ability to return to the activity you enjoy the most. Working together, we can do just that.

In addition to my medical commitments, I enjoy swimming, riding my ElliptiGO, reading, and spending time with my family.

“It is fantastic knowing that I can do anything I want and not have to worry about my knee.”

Jesse S.

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