We all look forward to “kicking our shoes off” in the summertime. We can close our eyes and imagine the sun rising over the water, and the warm breeze on our toes. Ladies run around in their cute sandals and men in their flip flops. We all long for the freedom of childhood but sometimes we forget “the rest of the story.”
““Summertime Blues” – Common Summertime Foot Injuries”

“Mom, Dad, my arm hurts.”  This is a statement you never want to hear as the parent of a throwing athlete, especially with headlines about Tommy John surgeries dominating the Major League Baseball world.  As children begin to specialize in sports at earlier ages, we need to be aware of the dangers that are associated with it.  Throwing athletes, baseball pitchers specifically, risk injuries to the shoulder and elbow with this early specialization as adolescents, teenagers, and young adults begin throwing younger, pitch more innings, and have higher velocities.  Parents have a responsibility to understand these issues as prevention is the main factor to maintain the arm health of their children.
“Maintaining a Healthy Throwing Arm”