Spinal deformity is the presence of an abnormal curvature of the spine. This may present as either an “S” shaped curve noticeable from behind the patient or a “C” shaped curvature noticeable from the side of the patient, sometimes referred to as a “roundback” deformity or “hump.”


Scoliosis is the S-Shaped curvature seen from a person’s back. It is sometimes associated with a tilted shoulder or prominent shoulder blade or rib hump. It is most commonly seen in adolescent females, around the pubertal growth spurt (age 10-14). The problem is that the condition is usually painless in its early phase and is not visibly detectable, so it eludes diagnosis. That is why it must be screened at either school, the pediatrician’s, or family doctor’s office. If undetected, the spinal curvature may progress to surgical proportions, disallowing any other treatment options.

“Spinal Deformity: Young and Not-So-Young”

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Our annual High School Sports Physical Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd from 8am – noon at Tri-State Orthopaedics.  Athletes will receive a physical screening from primary care providers (Tri-State Community Clinics), orthopaedic screening from Tri-State Orthopaedics’ providers, and functional movement screening and Y balance testing from ProRehab providers.  Cost is $10 and will be donated back to the athlete’s high school.  These physicals will cover the athletes 2017-18 sports seasons.

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