General Orthopaedics

We tend to think of our bones as merely the frame of our bodies, but in fact, bone is a living and functioning part of the body. Broken bones will produce new growth to repair the damage, and can be manipulated to heal to their normal shape and form. While the centuries-old practice of orthopaedics initially focused on the health and healing of bones, the associated structures of tendons and ligaments soon became part of the field. Today’s orthopaedic physicians treat patients experiencing not only broken bones, but also strains, sprains, tendinitis, arthritis, muscle spasms, and ligament injuries.

Since our founding in 1949, Tri-State Orthopaedics has served the Tri-State area with extraordinary general orthopaedic care, provided by orthopaedic surgeons. Our orthopaedic facilities include onsite services such as digital x-ray, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound, EMG, and nerve conduction studies, as well as physical and occupational therapy.

Our General Orthopaedic Services include:

Our Orthopaedic Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic designed to meet immediate orthopaedic emergencies like sports injuries, broken bones, and sprains. For non-urgent orthopedic care, request an appointment online or call for an appointment with one of our  general orthopaedic surgeons.

Orthopaedic Urgent Care

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