Olivia E.

I came to Dr. Perry after having pain in my wrist for a couple of years.  My daughter was just a few months old and starting to be a little more adventurous.  I wasn’t able to play with her as much as I would like because it hurt to crawl around with her and pick her up and do much of anything.  I just assumed that my wrist pain was normal, but I finally gave in and went to the see the doctor.  It turns out I had ruptured a ligament in my wrist and my bones were on the move.  I had to have everything put back in place and a pin put in my wrist for 6 weeks.  I had never even had a broken bone or stitches before.  I was very scared and right from the beginning Dr. Perry talked me through everything.  He was very nice and comforting and listen to my mountain of questions.

The day I got my pin taken out I was able to start doing some exercises to get my wrist back in motion.  I progressed quickly and Dr. Perry was very encouraging.  I am now able to play with my daughter with ease like nothing ever happened.  I am able to go back to all of my water sports like skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.  I was even able to teach my daughter how to kayak in her very own little kayak.  I feel so much better and work is easier with my wrist healed.  I am very grateful for the time and thought Dr. Perry put into my case,  and I would recommend him to anyone!

"I am now able to play with my daughter with ease like nothing ever happened."
-Olivia E.